BORN was born in Prato (an industrial city near Florence - Italy) in 2003. It developed in direct relationship with tensions that the city was living, due to the economic crisis period and to the spreading of prejudices and stereotypes against Chinese citizens (10% of the total population). opposes practises, projects and new forms of relationship based upon direct partecipation at fear and at identity closer. This group opposes also the idea of changing belongings, to the idea of identity; it prefers crossing borders than defining them.


current projects develop from three main themes:
- the dynamics of social inclusion and exclusion
- the chances of democratic non-hieracycal participation
- the chances of accepting mean and unsuccessful individual experiences

Experiences developed projects in public spaces in many Europe cities (London, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin) and show its work in museums, galleries and public spaces (Espai Cultural Caja of Madrid, Museo Pecci of Prato, Contemporary Art Museum of Villa Croce, Genova, Stazione Leopolda of Florence, University of Ferrara, Strozzi Palace of Florence, etc). Its works appeared in many dailies and reviews, like "Il Sole 24 ore", "Repubblica", "Diario", "Flash Art", etc. and it was also broadcasted by several media like Arcoiris, German public radio, and by Rai in three documentaries. Founding members of are Giacomo Bazzani and Barbara Ceccatelli.